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Intel Gma 950

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Just curious, has anyone with a laptop loaded with the Intel GMA950 video card tried running Houdini 9? Can it even run?

Yes, I understand that Houdini requires full blown OGL card. I am just curious to see if GMA950 can be used even if you're just using it for something very light (such as building HDAs, testing pipeline scripts, etc). Yes, I've been coveting on a very slim, lightweight laptop.... hence the question. :)



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For very light work it will be OK, you can run in Houdini in software mode if there are graphics issues. A guy at work was running on a MacBook with the Intel Graphics chip, he was running Houdini on Ubuntu via Parllels or something. It was slow, but usable for light work. I would recoomend though, if it is the macbook you are thinking of, get a big HD and do a full Linux install. Apparently these VMs limit the memory you can assign to other operating systems to like 512 Megs which can be an issue. For rendering, running sims, building HDA's, running scirpts, andything that doesn't require a lot of viewport activity, it should be good.

BTW, this was Houdini 8 I was looking at, but I doubt 9 will be any different.

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i am using a macbook with the new gma x3100

maya is totally useable with that hardware

but houdini is REALLY slow

it seems to do a lot more in open GL

and the intel driver does not seem to support ogl very well

under osx i would call it unacceptable

under windows its useable

but with many restrictions

it may run better in software mode

how do i set it to software mode ?

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