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I have a simple scene where teapot has animated transform and then falls down. The channels from obj/ are pasted into DOPs as reference. The problem is teapot doesn't stay exactly in the same place as teapot - geometry.

Check this hip: www.rafal.stnet.pl/use_transform.zip, go to DOPs and check 'use_object_transform' to see what happen. I use there 'motion' and in 'position' field(of MOTION) I pasted 'translate' copied from cup geo. So you can notice if you bypass this node everything looks ok.

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two things u can do

firstly simple tick off Use Object Transform off ur RBD_CUP and just like u referenced ur TX TY TZ off ur obj, u would now have to include ur RX RY RZ and PX PY PZ, that will solve the problem

or u could use the OBJ position DOP, but that needs to work on Passive object, and when u switch off ur object position DOP, just turn the object active :)

let me know if something i said isnt clear

hope this helps

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