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How Can I Get This Reflection With Bump Map


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Please can any one tel me how can I get this diffused reflection with such a minute bump map over here check fig 02.2 http://www.trinisica.com/sub_learn_typedissue.asp?lv=3&mode=1&issue=001 .I am sure I cannot get this effect with H9 native displacement shader which give us 0.1 to 1 values and still freaks out the geometry on certain values.

I m very basic users of Houdini and maths scares me :)so try to send me the solution on those points , Kindly help me with getting this effect.


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You can use PBR and an area light along with a displacement shader.

I used a reflective material. Then went to /shop/reflective and added a vex dented displacement shader and wired this in to the suboutput1 SHOP to enable displacments. I also added a property SHOP to have the displacement bounds added with the render properties dialog.

Then up to the material SHOP reflective, RMB on the node and "Promote Material Parameters".

Then tweak away. Here's a real quick set up using default Mantra MicroPolygon-raytracing and an area light.


Note: I promoted up all the displacement properties including an option to not do displacements but just do bumping. See the reflective material.

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