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[solved] Mounting Nightmare


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as I solved my mounting nightmare, I thought I'd share this here,


Instead of mounting sdb to /preset I wrote to a directory called /preset on /.

I somehow had the impression I need a 'hook' to mount the disk just like mounting nfs or samba.

Therefore sdb was never mounted ...


/ ran full in no time - what a surprise.

I tracked down the issue and managed to mount sdb and move the data.

The partitioner showed me some warnings, but as everything worked as I expected I didin't care.

Until I rebooted my system two days later.

All user directories where gone!

What happened:

As / was full the system couldn't write the fstab/cryptab stuff, lucky me it managed to write the / mount ...

As /home was already mounted I didn't recognize the flaw.

Now I reran the partitioner re-added /home as a mounting point and the sun is shining again.


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