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Chops - Mapping Color Values To Particle Lifespan


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I would like to implement a way of mapping color values to the lifespan of the particles without using the "ramp" in the color pop.

I am sure this can be done. So far I have managed to map the color values and have the lifespan drive it, but the sampling is uniform. I would like to integrate the "percent" parameters on my MASTERCONTROL node, but am unsure where to attach this in.

I am guessing there is a better way than using sops. Probably with chops, but I have no experience with chops yet.

The reason why I go through this effort is because I want to integrate a simplified ramp control into a digital asset and so far there is no ramp parameter that allows me to hook into the ramp values of the color pop.

any ideas? Thanks!


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Here's a simplified version of what I'll be going over for the CHOPs class on the 8th.

This uses a method similar to afterburn that sets ranges based on low, and high values .. with a curve ... in this case a user-defined animation curve; in the middle. The color is just animated. The CHOPs network is useful for aligning and configuring the user input before it's read by the fx system.


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Thank you both, I will try out both solutions.

I wish sooo much I could be there for that class... but I'm at the other side of the ocean :(.

The afterburn ramps where indeed what I had in mind.

I have been looking into the "Heavy Smoke" example on the Fx Shelf by Peter Bowmar. And he has got a chops network inside with a vop chop that creates linear or smooth interpolation. I have been considering putting down five of those and multiplying them with the respective values. This would be very non-procedural though. So I will try out your suggestions first.

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