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Sound Scrubbing In Animation


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I was trying to see what I could come up with as far as lip synching and facial animation in houdini and so i pulled the audio clip from http://www.11secondclub.com/. It is 12 seconds long so I adjusted my Time slider to 288 (24 fps times 12 seconds) and then I went in to the audio control and added the sound file but it does not play back right (sounds like a broken record) I was wondering if there are any special settings I missed. I noticed it asked for the rate for the audio file ... anyone know what that should be set at?

The only reason I ask is when I am scrubbing through the audio in other apps I can kind of hear the syllable they are on ... not so right now in houdini.

Well thanks for the read and for trying to help in advance.


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I also noticed the poor scrubbing in houdini. Its really frustrating because i've become so dependent on it.

If you go in the audio panel and turn the Rate down to 10 it should be a bit better.

I've tried many settings and thats the best i've gotten it to sound.

I suggest using Monkey Jam. Although its for pencil tests, the scrubbing is great and its free.


Hopefully they will have this improved by the next release...its crucial in my opinion.

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