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Peeling Effect/ Peeling Paint

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Hi and thanks for reading this. For a Course project I need to find a way to realistically create a "peeling" effect. Somewhat similar to the peeling of paint of a wall. Or the peeling of wall paper.

If you have watched the film , Silent Hill, there is a very similar effect, of how the walls seem to just melt and peel away.

Currently I ve been experimenting with cloth dynamics with cloth stitch constraint and the effect seems ok(see attached). However I need to find a method to make many parts of the wall having pieces of paint/paper of different sizes all peeling in their own time.

Any suggestions, methods, procedures yadayadayada on how to carry this forward are more than welcome,



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hi nisha. it seems too clothish to me. what abaout giving the surface white to red transition. how red the value is,more peeling on the surface maybe. to me already peeled parts should curle a little but it should stay away from turbulant behavior.another transition values depend on the color(or any other method) can be used to get points in different groups,so maybe you can tell your surface "ok do cloth stuff,you sir stay more rigid please."

this is just an idea.as i have no experience on cloth stuff,so i don't know if it works .but why not.

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