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River errosion

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Hey guys... im workin on a project and im kinda stuck... im tryin to do a simulation of a river eroding in a time lapse style... i decided to do river out of geometry to keep my render time down, but if anyone has any suggestions im more than down to try just about anything...

so far ive made my river out of a grid, i scattered points across it to make it more random... then i made a tube and messed w the points to make a snake river shape... i used that as a bounding box on the grid... once the bounding box encompasses a point it translates it from 0 - (-4) on the y... the problem i am having is that i cant make that jump smooth... its too choppy and its driving me nuts... im not very familiar with Houdini quite yet, so if there a simple answer and im missin it i appologize... thanks in advance guys...


ps... if you see the particles sliding across the grid a bunch, and ur wondering wtf... they are going to stones, grass, and branches that will get sucked into the river during the simulation...


sorry bout the upload but i still cant upload tot he site for sum reason? the attachment window is there and i can choose a file... but once i hit upload it jus works for a minute then comes up sayin that i didnt upload any files??

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