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setting up image planes

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as the title and description says, im not sure if this is the best place to post this, but im new to houdini, and am having trouble setting up image planes properly in houdini.

let me elaborate a little bit. what i am wanting to model (to learn the modeling tools) is a car. i have tried using someone's otl for this that basically maps 4 images to planes in houdini, however when i use this method, i can never see my planes under the geometry i am working with. if i try and set the view to wireframe, then EVERYTHING goes wireframe, including the image planes. i have also tried using the images as background images, and can never seem to get the images to line up properly in the viewports. even using scaling tools doesnt help me get it lined up exactly how it should be.

are there any tutorials specifically about using imageplanes for houdini 9?

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