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Broken muscle deformation

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I posted this question in my thread in the WIP section a few weeks ago... but no answers so far.. so I thought I'd try the character forum.

My problem is that when I move one of the bones of my character, the muscles follow it correctly, however the deformation of the skin is in the opposite direction. I tried reversing normals to see if that's the problem, but it doesn't change anything.

Another thing is that when i change the display to the muscledeform node, there is a small deformation even though I haven't moved anything, I'm not sure if this is a separate problem or related. I'll post my .hip file ASAP as well.

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OK heres the file... please excuse the horrible mess I've made of the rig, I'm still experimenting with it, and I hope it's not part of the problem, as the muscles move correctly.

I've tried it in the latest build, and on two separate installations, and that doesn't solve the problem. If i creat a new scene I don't have the problem either, so it's probably something specific I've done with this one.

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Well I rebuilt the scene and that seems to have fixed it. (Good thing I'm not on deadlines for my Houdini work). Just a small issue that popped up, whenever I add a CaptureCorrect node, the muscledeform stops working (no error, just no deformation whatsoever), even if I untick all the boxes in the CaptureCorrect so it effectively does nothing :blink: .

Not really a big issue, so if theres no obvious solution nevermind.


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