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houdini\xsi batch render

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Hi guys, just wondering if any houdini gurus out there will give us a helping hand? What i'm trying to acheive is to run a batch script which will allow me to render out my multiple scenes. I come from an xsi background where i can have my multiple scenes and then specify to render them with frame output control.


call %SI_HOME%\Application\bin\xsibatch.exe -r -scene "C:\my_sceneA.scn" -verbose prog -skip false -startframe 1 -endframe 100 -step 1

call %SI_HOME%\Application\bin\xsibatch.exe -r -scene "C:\my_sceneB.scn" -verbose prog -skip false -startframe 1 -endframe 100 -step 1

(source code taken from a generated batch script from RenderQ)

I've searched both this forum and the Houdini forum and found a few posts of a similar nature but i can't seem to get my head around them. I know that what i'm after revolves around hrender but i doesn't seem to be an executable file in the bin folder (i'm running windows XP)

Many thanks


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