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As i get deeper into this issue, i think there is no point in creating separate topics. Sometimes i would love to hear a suggestion or opinion not necessarily a solution.


there is a frizz feature already implemented in cvex which is basically noise applied to points, is it possible to implement curliness as well?

In fur globals a haven`t happened to see any ptnum or npt outputs.

Or should it be done on the guides? which i suppose would complicate simulation if you would use wire to wire / self collisions ?

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take a look at hairdist parameter of the furglobals

it gives you s coord of the current hair point, something like percentage of the length

and uv parameter, which is the skin uv

so basically [u,v,hairdist] should give you 3d coordinate system of the hair, which can be modified relatively to the skin and length

at least that's what i understand from the look at furglobals, i never used CVEX so please take this as an little advise of what you can try

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it seems that when using clumps and with clumpiness set to 0 hair tend to grow not following clump splines but rather in the direction of skin normals why is that so? or am i missing something important?

nevermind the stupid question - got it working

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