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Houdini DSO - error on [...] undefined symbol

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when compiling stuff with the hdk on opensuse 10.3 64bit I get some message while compiling/linking and later while running the dso.

vmuriel suggested that this might be a mix-up in the linker path, but rereading the messages again and again I almost guess I am using the wrong compiler.

1: compilation/linking

I am using the default hcustom ./sample_install.sh from a shell that sources the correct houdini_install

Making SOP_CliffordAttractor.o and /home/rdg/houdini9.5/dso/SOP_CliffordAttractor.so from SOP_CliffordAttractor.C

In file included from /opt/houdini/toolkit/include/UT/UT_Vector.C:30,

from /opt/houdini/toolkit/include/UT/UT_Vector.h:273,

from /opt/houdini/toolkit/include/GB/GB_NUBBasis.h:27,

from /opt/houdini/toolkit/include/GU/GU_Detail.h:36,

from SOP_CliffordAttractor.C:33:

/opt/houdini/toolkit/include/VM/VM_Math.h: In static member function

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From http://odforce.net/wiki/index.php/HDKFrequ...uestions#Linux:

You must be careful to use the same compiler as the build of Houdini you installed.

I guess this answers my questions.

Here is a white paper how to install multiple gcc on the same system:


Not sure if I am up to this.

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