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Copy/stamping not wanting to work?


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I believe stamp() cannot be used on the right-hand-side of a COPY, because when the DELETE is cooked, nothing is copied, so "stamp" is meaningless. (Correct me if I am wrong)

You can simply put `int(fit01(rand($F),0,20))` inside the DELETE, instead of stamp(). Hope that it is what you want.


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Right, about the stamp not working on the right side.I forgot that...I knew I was dumb.

Unfortunately, your expression works for this simplified example, but not for the real thing...I have ideas though on how to do it. Thanks.

not sure what you are after:

but you could use a group instead of the delete.

grouping a random point and use this as a template group.

in this case you need to use $TPT for "true point number" instead of $PT, as the grouping/template group changes the point numbering.

Maybe completely off topic

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You can force the stamp expression to work on the right hand by merging what you have on the left with what you want on the right and then seperating the two sides again before they enter the copy sop. In other words you temporarily move the stuff on the right over to the left to get it to cook.

I'll have to see if I can dig out an example.

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