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I'm not sure I'm understanding the question, but the impact data basically represents points where impacts between objects or fluids occur, so each object will have it's own impact data.

You can access this data using the dopfield expression, and you can find out how many impacts you have per object using the dopnumrecords expression.

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also keep in mind that the data you are looking for (e.g. numhits,etc) is only visible at the frame, the object is impacting, but i have to say i also struggle a little bit with your question. maybe you can clearify your question a bit.

i think anakin78z gave you a good idea for what you might need to look for.

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I heard a friend say that is the number of collisions and the location of each collision, I do not know is not there in the "impacts" There are a lot of parameters, such as "otherobjid" is a collision of objects, other do not know, I do not know where to help How to search

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