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approach to building 3d nebula


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hey guys,

I would like to get suggestion on how to approach this 3d nebula.We have to build to this in 3d so that we can zoom in these beautiful volumetric.

with our limited houdini and computational resources , we are leaning toward matte painting but would love to know any Houdini approach .

here is the image .


click for high res



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matte painting for the star field in the BG

map out the nebula in 3D using big spheres and deformed grids - just try to establish what the different structures are that make up the nebula

this will give you an idea about what geometrics structures to build

use the 'points from volume' SOP and copy spheres onto the points to start building up the structures...

I guess just try to stay away from actually using volumes until you know what to build...


oh and have a look at the Contact DVD!

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