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Ronen Tanchum - FX Artist Reel

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Hallo Odforce,

Iv been Graduate Vancouver Film School (Houdini and Nuke Certificate program)

and been working on my Demo while and after School was over...

Recently, I was editing my Reel again with New FX shots and Past production work as well.

watch my online Portfolio:


Shots Breakdowns :

VSFX: Midi data, Chops & Pops. Mantra, Nuke

Waterfall: Particle animation, Points Render. Mantra, Nuke

Fire:Pops driven by dops, Point Render . Mantra, Nuke

Mitteors shot 1: Fracture RBD's by color, Sprites smoke. Mantra, Nuke.

Mitteors shot 2: Sprites smoke. Mantra, Nuke.

Mitteors shot 3: Sprites smoke and fire. Mantra, Nuke.

Birds:Random behaviors of wings instance to Particles. Mantra, COP's.

Expressions Machine: Houdini's Expressions and Copy Stamps, Mantra, Nuke.

Water street:Particle Fluids, Pop's and Dop's. Mantra, Nuke.

IAI Boats F16 and Jets: XSI, AfterFX.



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