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Slide particle???


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I have animation of the horse that is running, and i need to sliding particles on it,

I found for static horse and work great but when ah have animation than a have the problem...

Particles is not sliding on horse surface...

Thanks in adnace

This is the static test...


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i like this effect and i tried to reproduce it just to make some experiment with POP.

my approach was to emit particles from another surface and make them collide with the horse surface setting the behaviour to "slide".

but my particles slide for a while and they don't stick to the surface.

I tried to play with some attributes such as cling, but with no results.. :huh:

I have some results using the horse surface as an attractor force.. (I dont remember the name of the pop node.. i'll ceck).

I found the creep node colud make my particles slide maybe .. but from what I understood it make use of UVs.. so i don't want "code" the movement of my particles.. i'd like to make it more dynamic.

I should try again to better understand the creep node and the cling attribute..

how would you make this effect?

how the cling attribute works?

thank you :)

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