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Subdivisions, Smoothness ...etc in Houdini


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the question is simple, how do you get your models (poly models) to render as smooth surfaces ?

in fact i tried using the subdivide node, which i thought that it transforms my poly model to subdivisions, but but but when i render i still see facets on my model ( so here i guess i'm not rendering subds :S, instead i'm rendering smoothed poly ? , and if that's the case why are they options for subdivisions in the subdivide node ?)

so what is the procedure in houdini , to use a subdivide node and pump up the depth ? or are other other things that i'm missing ?

Thanks for your help

Best Regards

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just set "polygons as subdivision" in the objects render tab(geometry submenu) and houdini renderes infinitely smooth sds

Thanks realer that was what i was looking for, i think i used it somewhere in the past but i totally fogot about it, thanks for the reminder :)


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