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To deform a curve and keep it's length


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I'm trying to write an operator which control the curve by rotating each point by some given angle (point attribute) around previous point.

After some testing I hit a problem because it doesn't keep segment lengths.

This is it:

P = 0;
for (i=0; i<Npt; i++)
	if (ptnum >= i)
		P += cossin;														   // WYSIWYG :)
		angle = ang*multip;												//multiplier parameter to experiment more freely
		cossin = normalize(set(cos(-angle), sin(-angle) ,0));  // normalize just to BE sure:)

It's just about the same as : P+=cossin;

What to do with it? Segment lengths change along with difference between angle attribute.

I suppose it does accumulate the cossin vectors, but looks like I'm flushed:( and don't quite get this SIMD thing.

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