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Houdini and prman

Just lots of "my first ___" in this project.

Basically i used displace, muscle rigging, a little jiggler with chops, an animated noise for the hair, slim for shaders, renderman, comp in halo, and my very first hair shader (i wrote it for 3delight for this chararacter here i just modified it to use with renderman, but im still not satified with the shader result)

Couldnt figure out a few things in the houdini-->prman pipeline such as ptc bake for sss, so i did the sss the ugly way editing the ribs with a script to do just a bake render prior the final one.

The comp is still wip, needs a few tweaks coming in the next couple of days when i have the time.

hope you like it!

Shading, and the zbrush model


Img from the video


Img from the video 2


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