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project idea generation

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Hello Everyone,

I have a project to do on my course and I am trying to think of ideas of a tool that I could make. I have thought of a weathering tool which effects the geometry, placing dirt, peeling or chipping off paint etc to give it an old feel. Also I thought of a snow tool to give an environment a winter feel, placing snow, icicles etc - but when I proposed this idea it was already being done by another student hence me asking here. Then I thought of a shattering tool in which you could specify the type of material and point of impact and it would procedurally break up the geometry.

These ideas are okay but I was hoping for some more input for some different ideas, an idea that is easily expandable would be good as it means I could add to it if progress is going well. Also I got interested in using sound and my tool to react to the sound, but as of yet I don't know how this could fit in, perhaps some kind of particle emission with the emission and shaders changing with the music - I don't know just throwing it out there.

Any help would be really appreciated so please don't be shy, thanks.


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