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Replace DOP objects after simulation


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Hello everyone

The situation is: I have an object which is like a slightly modified box. I want lots of copies of this object with different position, scale and orientation to fall down on the floor. The best shape for simulate this effect is a simple box, so I've created a simple box as a source object, the created lots of points, and used RBD Point Object to copy boxes, then I randomised scale and rotation of the objects using $OBJID, and created a simulation. The simulation was much faster than if I uses the original object (modified box). So it's greate. Now in SOP level I have those boxes imported from DOPS with animation. Every box is in its own group. The question is, how can I replace every box in my simulation with my original object, so that it matches the position, rotation and scale of the box that I used for simulation.

Any ideas?

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О! Thanks, anim! It is xactly what I was looking for! :-)

I have only one more question. After I changed Import Style to "Create Points to Represent Objects", warning appeared in Dop Import SOP which says "Cannot set instance attribute because the DOP Object geometry does not reference a SOP node." This warning doesn't affect the simulation, but I just wondering what does it mean?

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this option can create instance attribute which refers to SOP that will be instanced to the points

but since you used "Use Particle Scale" checkbox in RBD Point Object it no longer can create this attribute, because it is using per point modified copy of the object

it is just that since it is now a geometry copy in dops it can be deformed in dops as well and therefore the result with instancing will not be the same as in dop sim

anyways for your needs it will work as expected if you create the attribute yourself or use point instancing on the object or just use Copy SOP

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