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Little grouping questions

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Hello i have some little questions about grouping.

1, I use VORONOI FRACTURE tool to shutter a lot of differents 3d texts. I have forexample 3 different texts and I need merge it together like one object. But, if groups has same names they merge primitives together, and nuber of groups stay same. I need something which automaticaly rename groups. So object 01 has peace1-50 other same names, so i need after merge that second object will continue peace_51 Same problem is when I use duplicate 5 times in say X, all groups has same names and primitives is merged. So number of groups is same but every group grow X num copys... I need same names becouse I then use coloring peaces based on attrib transfer to switching then into dynamic RBD. Or I must rename groups in sop group node? IF yes, is there some easy expression?

2, Another little thing is, how I could easily offset bgeo cache, It is possible write something into path of reading cache?

Sorry for stupid questions but I still have lot of things to learn about houdini thanks a lot all of you....BC...

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