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self illuminating/translucent/fluid approach


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Hi all,

I could really use your help/suggestions, on a nice solution for trying to get a self illuminating/translucent/fluid look.

The idea is, i have an essentially "black world", without light. I have a 3d model of a woman running, emitting particles, into some interesting trail look. I've done multiple things with these particles. One is a "dust", simply made of the particles. And one is a "fluid", which just used the particle fluid surface node on the particles. I also have some lightning that will be crackling around. Anyways, *omit the idea of the lightning* for now...

Am trying to come up with the best approach to making the particle fluid on it's own, "glow", "self illuminate"... I have an example from XSI. http://www.softimage.com/products/xsi/

Am looking for thoughts about the shaders/lighting/rendering?

And when you see the image above, take a look at the "light blue material". Is that multiple layers? A fluid surface and some particles underneath? Or just a shader? It has a glowy, foggy, fluid look. Something like that is what i'm after!

thanks much


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