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proper reflection mask


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Hi everyone,

I have a question reguarding how to get a proper reflection mask for a particular reason.

My example:

In the simplest case, imagine a particle effect, *my example is a 3d girl running, emitting particles*, only the particles are being used here. Now, imagine, taking those particles and using a particle fluid surface sop the surface them... So that's the essential set up. Now imagine, that I want to render BOTH at the same time, ONE of the particles and one of the fluid surface. *the reason is because I want to have a "particle" dust look inside of the fluid surface. Therefore, I'll get some reflections/refractions of the particle dust, seen in the particle fluid surface, when the surface is rendered as a liquid.

So, here is my issue...

If I simply render, all should be okay. The thing is, to complicate this more, Instead of getting the look of the particles how I want in houdini, i've been able to get a really awesome look by using some filters in After Effects. So here is where my problem is. Since the real reflection is only of the "non after effects filtered" particles, WHAT could I do to somehow get a pass of just the "particle's" that are reflected/refracted in the fluid surface, take that pass to after effects, apply the filters to the reflection/refraction pass, and then comp the passes together?

I feel it should be possible. I could really use some help with the procedure i'd need to go through and if this would really work at all too...



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