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my particle fluid


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Hi there everyone, i just wanted to post a little something of what i've been working on. hope you like it!

It looks interesting, but could you perhaps do a sideview without the camera move? It's a bit distracting.

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This one is a bit compressed but here you go :)

"and ps, yeah i find it distracting also, but i needed to be able to ZOOM SUPER far out from a VERY close up camera that is matched to a matchmove camera in order to even see the effect. if you imagine the angle that you see at the very beginning of the shot, before the "bad zoom out", the effect will basically just pile up on itself because you are looking at the back side of the fluid... And so, i wanted to at least show the effect, so i had to pull WAY out very fast. I'll post an example later.

"i'm actually not happy with the camera zoom myself" just wasn't sure what else to do to fix my problem

and i'll post more examples later. thanks again for the reply Peter,



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here is a SUPER compressed, very dirty comp of what the shot is like... there has not been any transition in the effect to the girl yet *which is something that i've created a life attribute and saved as a file, for the fluid, and i'm going to drive it's transparency with it" to reveal the fluid over time, and only show the particles underneath at the beginning. the second big problem was that originally i was projection mapping an entire 3d model of a city that i built, but ran into time restrictions, so it doesn't look like i have time to disintegrate it, but instead just using a mask to reveal the "blue dimension".... and in another post, i was asking about possible workflows for getting that particular "mask" to work, because the city was so large, and the resolution was causing problems. looks like it's been fixed though by switching to nurbs and subd. HOWEVER... definately still need to fix the "bounding" object's speed, because it grows so large sometimes that it just ENVELOPES an entire building...

so yeah, anyways a ton to still be done, but wanted to let you see the reason why i needed to pull out the camera. maybe i could just retime the "movement" in comp? slow it down a bit so it's not so jerky? what do you think about this?


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