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Windows 7 and Houdini


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Anyone else here tried the Windows 7 RC?

I've been using it for the last few days on my i7 920 with 6GB of ram and it runs beautifully, Houdini 10 runs really fast and stable, I'm running pyro tools and caching it to ram and it runs way faster than winxp64 and Ubuntu I was running on the same machine.

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What you mean by way faster ? When I switched from XP to Vista I saw really big speedup in Modo's rendering (30 or more seconds). It was due the fact that Vista use multicore procesors way better that XP.

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I have also tried it on windows 7 64 bit, it is a totally different feel, houdini just flies on it. But to be honest, i would use it on linux (ubuntu), that's the way to go.

Ah that's some good news... While Vista seemed to worked fine in my home workstation, but I really hated Vista on my laptop... :( Can't wait to have Win7 on my current laptop, but I probably will go with a MacBook next...

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