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★the problem about i3d cloud . HELP!★


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hey guys I want to make cloud use i3d. I did cloud use vex meta cloud before . so this time i want

to use vex fluffy cloud as i3d shader . I Created particle system and add noise to it. then choose one

frame to render.the rendered result too bad. the cloud too little. so I adjust the cloud radius of

vex fluffy cloud then render. this time the result better. more details. but it looks like the sphere

cloud or volume ball . it is very different from my particle. my particle looks like the cloud in

sky. but the rendered picture too bad. vex meta cloud is ok. the file size is 1.0M ,but vex fluffy

cloud just 57K . I tried to fix the problem but still is . hey guys what shall i do ? how to fix

it ?please forgive me my english.^_^




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thank you sea. I understand what you said . first creat the particle system then copy metaball to pop. then use shader to render.thank you . My particles looks like cloud or smoke ,but why rendered picture looks like sphere cloud or volume ball? I want to know why. I don't understand. Maybe because the vex fluffy cloud ?

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