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mesh to rigid body steel net


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:ph34r: hi guys, long time no see. Here is a simple problem. I am an designer, and now I get a mesh from cloth simulation. I want convert it to a steel net and do some Stablilty test. Each mesh line will become a steel and connected by Rigid Nodes. Now I do not kown how to do such a simulation, and I want caculate force of each rigid node,using the force information to decide the size of each Components. The obj is attached

So , could some nice guys do me a little favor? I will be much appreciated. B)

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I think the problem could be divided into several steps:

1,fix(pin) the lowest point on ground ;

2,make the mesh could be simulated,maybe the cloth model could be used, but I am not sure;

3,give a Gravity to the model

4,do the simulation, the model looks the same.But there should be different Stress in each points(nodes),like some kind of finite elements analysis.

5,visualize the stress into nice color;

I kown this is a stupid question, But if there is some one colud offer a help.

There is a plugin called syflex in Maya could reture the stress of each point, but I do not kown how Houdini do such things.

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