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RESOURCES file and font question

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Quick question, but while tweaking a /config/resources file, I've often wanted to specify a font beyond those listed and included under $HFS/houdini/fonts, font.index, and the associated $HFS/houdini/fonts_gl directory. Note that this is Houdini 5.x under Windows2000.

Examing the contents of the files in both locations, it appears that the Postscript Font Binary files are located under /fonts for each font and style (the files simply have the usual .PFB stripped off). Under the /fonts_gl directory, where I would assume the associated font metrics files would be placed -- usually an .AFM (Adobe Font Metrics) or the binary version .PFM (Postscript Font Metrics) is included with each .PFB -- I find what appears to be the metrics file for each font and style at each fontsize, but examining the contents of those binary files leads me to believe that they are not typical .PFM files.

For example, under /fonts is Courier which is specified in the font.index file, and under /fonts_gl you will find Courier.8.bin, Courier.10.bin, and so on.

What I'm looking for is a little clarity, on if indeed the /fonts directory contains the font binaries and the /fonts_gl the metrics. AND what format are those .bin files in?

Thanks for any assist...

---[ Scott Wade ]---------------------

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