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how many textures available inside a GLSL shader ?


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I've just started some GLSL dev inside houdini and basically started to create my own glsl shaders.

It's quite awesome how easy it is to create the interface and feed your vertex/pixel shaders..

the only issue I currently have is that it seems there's a limit in the number of textures that can be used (something like 4)

does it make sense or I'm doing something wrong ?

any help would be really appreciate as I am newbie to Houdini so maybe I've missed something trivial

Thanks in advance.

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I'm pretty sure, if I remember right that the glsl shaders are just for the appearance of an object in the viewport and don't affect the render so I don't think most people spend much time on those.. the ones you want to concentrate on are the mantra shaders.... unless you are developing graphics for an application that uses real time rendering (like a video game?) then maybe the glsl shaders would be of use but I have no idea as I don't know anything about real time rendering graphics.

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Oxium is right,hlsl shaders are only used for viewport rendering,but in case you are trying to use houdini as an interface to generate hlsl shaders and them export them to a real-time application (say, VVVV) I'd love to know more about the workflow!

Is it possible to build hlsl code with vops?

If it is, does it generate a code that you can load from any app that supports HLSL?

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