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noise using VEX and for loop


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I'm trying to write a VEX script which would apply noise to a geometry using a for loop..

basically what I intend to do is to Layer the noise affecting a geometry using its Point numbers as counters in the FOR loop and multiplying it with a Amplitude gain and Frequency gain parameter so that its increasing/decreasing for every iteration (which would thus give me good layer of noise applied on top of each other to a geometry.

here's my scrip so far:

float amp, freq, again, fgain, sum; 
int i;
for(i=0; i<npts; i++)
		float noise;
		float AMP;
		float FREQ;
		float AMP= amp*again;
		float FREQ=freq*fgain;
		noise= AMP* noise(FREQ*P);
		sum+= noise;

Sop1(amp=0.5, freq=2, again=o.5, fgain=0.5)

I have declared the variables etc..but i'm getting a syntax error in the first line..but I cant see anything wrong with it??

Also I'm not sure of how to execute it in the sop level...so just to check I just called it in the SOP level..but I'm not really sure about it....

could someone help me with this..


PS: here's a .vfl file

EDIT: ERR...I'm sorry I sort of started 2 new threads by mistake..Please ignore/delete this thread..my bad :blink:


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