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Linear Workflow


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I put this into the halo section, though I'm refering to nuke mostly, but it is more a general question.

I want to switch to a linear workflow finaly, and concernging CG I'm quite sure I got the concept. But in conjuction with camera footage I still have questions. Before I start my questions I sum up what I thing I got so far.

Render engines work linear, displays have a gamma of 1/2.2. That darkens the image quite a lot.

To view and judge my linear render right I have to look at it with a gamma of 2.2. I do not render it with that gamma but in floating point format.

On the compositing side (for example Nuke) I read my renders in as linear and view it wiht a display gamma of 2.2, too. I read in my footage, telling nuke in what color space it was created and nuke convert's it to linear.The compositing is also done in linear colorspace. At the very end of the pipeline I change to the colorspace I need.

so far so good.( or not, if I'm wrong on some points here ;))

now I do not understand some effects. I created a linear ramp in nuke, and it does not look linear when I view it with gamma 2.2. same goes for houdini. it doesn't lool quite correct when I see it in gamma 1 but it seems to be okay, considering my display not to be the finest. but why doesn't a linear ramp look fine when I view it with a gamma of 2.2, if this gamma value should correct my darkening display gamma?

thanks in advance.


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