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Thanos Topouzis Showreel 2009

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After finishing my MSc in Computer Animation and Visual Effects NCCA, i worked on my showreel and now it is ready!I ll be looking for an Fx job from October.

The link for my showreel is: http://www.vimeo.com/6522662

I attached my CV as well.

Thanks to the odforce community.

Nice work man. I saw your getting your master's at bournemouth, how is their master's program. I got my BFA in Animation and a minor in vfx at SCAD and I'm thinking about applying to bournemouth.

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Nice work Thanos, good to see it all together.

I don't think I've managed to see that flocking plug-in in action in uni, really cool work!

I've passed on your info, let me know where you end up, would be good to meet up sometime.

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