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path constraing + aim...how to?

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Hi, I have a simple problem which I can't sove in Houdini...I hope someone will be able to help me.

I want to have a camera follow a path, but also be able to control its orient Up Vector. I could key it, but a more confortable way would be to have this vector aim toward a null object, which would allow me the more control. so I tried a little CHOP net ( with only an "object CHOP" ), exporting the vector between the camera and the object I want my Y axis of my cam aim to ( I hope I am clear here... ), but it gives me an infinite recursive error...

anyone had a similar problem?

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actually, I wasn't looking for that. I solved it in an OTL actually. what I needed was to have a cam on a path, but with its lookat not modified, but with the up vector aiming to an object in space.


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