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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, Can someone help, and explain why after translating a cube up in sops, on the geometry node to postion a box on top of another box. then making it a RBD object. then simply add a deactivate object from the shelf tools, why my pivot and object change position when I jump into dops. Perhaps Im missing something silly here, anyone help please? thanks in advance.
  2. Hi, i'm currently working on a tree growth system without solver (just transforms). and i'm stuck ! In this system, I import a tree skeleton from external file (curves), which I cannot edit. My goal is to create a slider that grows all the branches, keeping their position onto their parent branches. To be more specific : when I import the tree, I have the branch level attribute, and the parent branch for each branch as well, and a gradient attribute. With these three attributes, i'm trying to get the current position of each branch on their parent, and if it moves, then the children stay at the same pourcentage value... In my file, I've got 3 levels : level 0 is the trunk, level 1 is branches from the trunk level 2 is branches from level 1's branches. In my loop, I'm taking each primitive, and I get their parent. I'm using a curvesect to get the intersection between parent and child, then I'm keeping only the root part of the line. Then, I use a carve to change the length, and with a vex expression, I stick the branch onto the last point of the carve. My problem comes from my "for loop" setup, which is working, but it doesn't take the transformations of the previous level. So my question is : is there a way to get the transformations of the previous level inside the for loop ? -> For each level, I want the branches to be sticked to their parent at their relative position, even if they are moving (if the branch is at 45% of the curve, then if I'm carving the parent, it stays at 45%) . Maybe it's possible directly in VEX ? but my knowledge is quite limited, i'm starting coding vex... but any help would be appreciated Thanks ! tree_growth_help_001.rar