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Found 2 results

  1. Question 1 Hi guys/girls, so my issue is I have a branch-like structure growing around a bottle with some fruits being grown out at ends, however I used the findshortestpath node to get the branches to be correct size as they're grown and now the point sorting is all messed up and I was wondering if there is a better way to get correct scaling of branches? Question 2 How can I get the growing plants to offset there growth in time in an orderly manner once copied to the branches. Question 3 Any tips on how to properly generate UVs on the growing structure? I've attach the Hip file, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. growth_on_bottle_test_01.hip
  2. Hello!! I have a bunch of points with an attribute called name_id (integer) Some of the points share the same attribute value. As time goes on some of the points die/are deleted. I would like that when a point with a certain name_id value dies, all the other points that shared that same attribute value die. in the hip file you'll find 2 methods one with the foreach VOP one with foreach SOP (less interested in this one because i have to promote name_id to a prim att) -i am iterating throught each value of the name_id attribute -finding how many have that same name_id with findattribvalcount VOP -comparing how many there are at frame 1 with how many at current frame -if there are less then there were initially -> @dead = 1 i can't make it work it seems like the last iteration of the foreach overwrites all the previous. Can you please help me achieve what i want? thanks in advance if pt with attribute value dies all pts with same att value die.hip