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Guest mantragora

WTF, right ?! Yeah, I bet your first reaction for this title was the same as my when I saw this number :)

I found this diamond while browsing HDK examples and I would really, REALLY, like to know how I could ever, EVER, possibly figure it out on my own.

Basically, you bind selector to operator and this => "0x000000ff" <= is the 8 argument that you pass to "bindSelector()" method as prim/point mask selection.

Q1: Is there anyone that could explain me what it means and where I could find more info about it ?.

Q2: Are there any other magic numbers that I should be aware of ?



I found it in this example http://www.sidefx.co..._c-example.html

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Guest mantragora

1. looks like standard hexadecimal. converting this to decimal should be (16*15)+15 = 255

more info here:


2. Yes, all numbers in hexadecimal look like this, you can use


I know how it looks.I don't know WHY it's there and WHAT it means for the code. Can I write there any number ? Or is there some specified code table that should be used there ? If I find in the middle of the code some number most of the time I prefer to know why it's there. Especially when it specifies prim/point mask selection and is not commented anywhere.

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The primmask refers to *_FILEID enums in GEO_PrimTypeCompat.h. A regular GEO_PrimTypeCompat mask can be used if you first convert it using GEO_PrimTypeCompat::convertToFileFromMask(). I've better documented the bindSelector() method for the next major Houdini release.

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Guest mantragora

Oh, there is one more thing.

I looked into PrimTypeCompat.h that is delivered with my Houdini build (12.5.393) and there is no Enum with this code specified inside. I got 20 positions to choose from:

0x00000001, // Polygon
0x00000002, // NURB Curve
0x00000004, // Rational Bezier Curve
0x00000010, // Linear patch
0x00000020, // NURB Surface
0x00000040, // Rational Bezier Surface
0x00000f00, // TPsurf Paste Hierarchy
0x00001000, // Ellipse/Circle
0x00002000, // Ellipsoid/Sphere
0x00004000, // Cylinder
0x00008000, // Particle
0x00100000, // Meta-ball
0x00200000, // Super quadric
0x00300000, // Meta-line
0x00400000, // Meta-bezier
0x00500000, // Meta-triangle
0x10000000, // Triangle fans
0x20000000, // Generalized triangle strips
0x30000000, // Triangular beziers
0x40000000, // Voxel volume

Online verion of this file contains even less positions http://www.sidefx.co..._8h_source.html. Is it mean that the code example contains deprecated number or it's just omission in the code?

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