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HQueue sliced flip simulation

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Hey guys, I'm trying to use HQueue for flip simulation. I believe I set up the machines correctly as the HQueue server distributes render jobs successfully. And the jobs are done well. The problem I have is distributing simulation. I followed the direction from the HQueue help. Nothing special. However, the working stops all of a sudden in a certain frame.


Actually, I tested both volume slice and particle slice for different kind of fluid solutions. And the same problem comes out around 10 frame. No more proceeding. But the render manager shows "running" that means the HQueue is working fine. I guess this is definitely an error in spite of no error messages because HQueue stops anyway. There's no clue. I'm totally stuck on this point.








These pics are from a sliced pyro sim but actually a sliced flip sim has the same problem. 


Anybody has experienced this problem? Or give me a hint for solving this problem. This actually drives me nuts.




OS: windows 7 professional x64 SP1


the server and clients are all same.


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I am facing the same issue, Did you figure the problem. Un sliced simulations works fine but no success on distributed simulations. I have another doubt do we need minimum number of clients to start distributed simulations, can we do a multi sliced pyro container on a single client one slice at a time and so on.

If any one have the solution please guide us

Thanks in advance

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Any one explain please, Does "n" number of slices needs "n" number of clients for distributed simulations. No success for me in distributed simulations

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