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Knitting in Houdini

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HGBarca    0

Hi Alican,

I've also a problem to render this. I attached a material (mantra surface) to the knitting obj. And switched on 'use point color'. in 'attribvop11' in map i put the correct path to the texture. But this is the result. What am i doing wrong?


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fortysix    4

hey guys. I know this is old. but i can't get it done with another input geometry. even a simple sphere is not working. i don't get it that there have to be 2 input geometries with (different?) uv maps either. can someone explain the example to me, how it would work with a simple sphere? do the polygons really need to be squared? and how do i do that within maya?


//edit. i found the solution. it's mandatory to model the object it very nicely, try to avoid any points, where more (or less) than 4 polygons are shared (so no remeshing!). and then within mayas bonus tools theres a nice UV auto-unwrapper. check uniform faces/proportional scale, to get squared UVs. 

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alican    51

Hi fortysix, the hip file is just a prototype that works with the embedded model. If you want to use it with another model there is bit of prep work to be done. There is a nice example Alexander Weide did by using this hip file but yeah its not a plug your model and thats it type of solution.  You need to dig it in a little bit unfortunately. Also some parts might have been over complicated than it should...


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