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Line increasing in distance between points with gradient ramp

I'm trying to arrange (or add) points on a line so that the distance between them decreases based on a ramp. I have a ramp controlling Cd on the line using:

@ptnum/(@numpt -1)

I tried using a scatter node and generating the points based on Density Attribute Cd. But this results in some randomness in the decreasing distance. 

I thought I could use the resample node's distance attribute. but i haven't figured it out. 

I could one could shed some light here I would appreciate.



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Hi bonassus,

create a line with say 50 points and attach a point wrangle, e.g.

@P.y = chramp('shift', @P.y);


float shift = chf('shift');
@P.y = pow(@P.y, shift);

and click on the little icon appearing on the right of your code.


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Thanks again for your response and to my last question. I'm wondering if you could help me with an other question relating to this set up. If you took the line described above for which the distance between the points decrease. Is there a way to get the distances between each point? Say for use in copying boxes to the points whose heights decrease in proportion to the point distances? Sorry of the convoluted questions. feel free to completely ignore this...




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