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Found 16 results

  1. Hi, I came across the Visualize Noise Scale option in the Voronoi Fracture and realized this would be the perfect approach to texture a project I'm currently working on. What I'm after is a way to use a gradient or uv map so the inside fractures are textured like layers of peel. To illustrate this, see the attached image which is what the Visualize Noise Scale gradient looks like. How would apply a texture and UV map the pieces in a similar way? There is an outer color (blue) and the inner color (red) as part of the Visualize gradient, so there must be a way to map the fracture pieces using similar coordinates via UV or expression. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. For example, if I was creating debris emission for a destruction scene and I wanted the debris to vary in size, how would I go about creating a ramp that would affect my original points and allow control over the scale of my debris geometry and the ratio of larger vs smaller geometry to be used? Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank.
  3. Hey! I was looking at the scene found here: https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/26032/ I want to control the width of my wire with a ramp vop. This scene was created with an older version of houdini. When I try to recreate it with the updated nodes, it does not work. The original (which you can see in my scene) uses a vopsop and the add attribute, both of which are obsolete according to the manual . I tried recreating with the new nodes, but it does not work. Could some one let me know what's going on? Thanks! edit: for some reason the attached scene crashed for me when I downloaded and opened it. However, if you open houdini first then open the project (as opposed to opening file directly) it seems to work. line.hipnc
  4. is there a way that i can link a ramp to another? like right click copy parameter->paste relative reference i am doing ramp_parm_1.set(ramp_parm_2) in python, with python it only link the amount of ponits, but doesnt link the value or position of each point =( is there a special way to link ramps? thanks. link_ramps_python.hipnc
  5. Hello guys, I am trying to build a shader, that in addition to what I have in the image, layers a black and white gradient in along the Y-axis. I am certain it must be very straight forward for anybody with more than a week of Houdini experience. Could anybody please point me in the right direction or outline the steps? Thanks in advance!
  6. Y ramp volume vop

    Hey, I am trying to use a volume vop to create a ramp that controls the y density of my volume, so I can have it fade off. If you look at the volume vop in my scene, you can see that it kinda works. There seems to be a problem with the fall off. Any suggestions? clouds4.hiplc
  7. Ramp in Point Vop

    Hey, I am trying to get a ramp parameter to work in point vop. I can get ramps to work, but the ramp parameter I cannot get to work. I have included to photos. I am new to using point vops, so I really am not sure. I did look this up on google, but I could not find the solution. Thanks
  8. I'm trying to arrange (or add) points on a line so that the distance between them decreases based on a ramp. I have a ramp controlling Cd on the line using: @ptnum/(@numpt -1) I tried using a scatter node and generating the points based on Density Attribute Cd. But this results in some randomness in the decreasing distance. I thought I could use the resample node's distance attribute. but i haven't figured it out. I could one could shed some light here I would appreciate. Thanks B
  9. I am trying to scatter some points on a circle. But I want the points to be scattered more near the center and less towards the outer side. In the old Houdini Scatter I could do it by making my Circle Primitive type to "Polygon" and then uncheck "Divide Non- Convex Polygon" on the scatter node. However, in the new scatter node of Houdini 14 and 15, this option is not available. Here is what I am trying to achieve, this is with the old scatter node. This is what I am getting with the new scatter node. Please help.
  10. Hello, I'm new to houdini (maya user). I have some animated trails that I've turned into a mesh light. I'd like to get the trails to do two things: - emit a ramp from red to yellow - fade off at the end of the trail. I'm using the latest redshift_v2.0.52 - that has the new ramp node. And Houdini 15.5.523. I can get a ramp to work with the incandescent shader. But it would be great to use the mesh light. Thanks! Light_Trail_Mesh_v12_clean.hiplc
  11. Hi everyone! Im a newbie in Houdini, i try to creat a vector field for my water splash project, in this case i use a sphere for vector normal but i dont know how to custom normal scale by Ramp Parameter, i mean on the top of sphere i want a large scale and lower at bottom. Try to control them by Attribute VOP base on "$N/NPT" expression but it's not working. Please help me to solve this case, thanks and sorry for my English This is my file: custom_normal_vector.hipnc
  12. So I am trying to build my own sop in HDK and have been figuring out how to add node parameters. While I have discovered how to add and read from a ramp, I can't figure out how to give the ramp a default setting. Whenever I place the node for the first time it only has one point that defaults to zero. How could I set it up so that it looks like a standard initialized ramp, with 2 points that range from 0 - 1? -------------------------------------------------------------------- Okay, so I figured out all I needed to do was set the default to 2. However I am wondering how to hide the ramp's controls by default. Any ideas?
  13. Happy new year, everyone. Let me ask my first question this year, I'm sure i have saw the similar problem before, but i can't find it again. So how can i control the shape of the grid become to a grid like. I want a smooth outline of my grid,not be a spindle. But it seems the ramp can't do it. I will appreciate if someone give me help. vopsop.hip
  14. ramp base on a light

    how can i use a ramp base on a light? i am trying to get something similar to the HIP file, (that is using vops and a camera), but how can achieve something like that in the shader? with out having to carry all the attributes in the points, i am asuming should be something like ramp projected from an object? or i have to import the attributes in the shader? thanks. attributes_from_camera.hip
  15. Greetings to the greatest 3D community! I'd like to introduce you my new digital asset "RampBlend". The idea behind “RampBlend” is to help character riggers and animators get rid of complex muscle-systems which are often too slow, troublesome and tedious to set up. It was specifically created with the concept of “corrective blend shapes” in mind, where changes to the Blend factor trigger sequential morph targets. I'd like to thank this community and Mangi who kindly shared the base scene for my tests. Any comments or suggestions to help improve this asset are more than welcomed. You can download "RampBlend" at this url: http://www.orbolt.co.../ik_::RampBlend Introductory video (vimeo HD720): http://vimeo.com/74942919 Introductory video (Youtube HD1080):
  16. HI, Guys. I am going to curlnoise a grid. I hope i can control the range of noise,also the strength of the curlnoise can decrease slowly,just like gradual change. So the ramp must be best. It looks a little easy, but i fail when try vopsop, i just have not grasp the essence of the vopsop. I make a simple sketch, hope you guys can understand. Many thanks! NOISE_Ramp.hip