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Magnus Pettersson

Change Node Shape in H16

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As far as I can tell they just discuss default shape settings and the creation of custom node shapes in that thread.

I can set the default node shape in OPcustomize with opdefaultshape but i want to be able to change the shape on the fly with python. just like you would with the node color with node.setColor(hou.Color()) i would like to know if there is something similar for shapes like node.setShape("bulge") 


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I found a way now! It wasnt the most obvious way to change shape but this is the way i found out:

node.setUserData('nodeshape', "bulge")

to get a list of all available node shapes :

editor = hou.ui.paneTabOfType(hou.paneTabType.NetworkEditor)
shapes = editor.nodeShapes()
print shapes


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