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foreach; polyextrude; copy Nested foreach SOP with copy problem

Hi, I have a problem with nested FOREACH SOP, something is strangely wrong but i am becomming crazy right now to find why ;-)

the resulting object from this loops is strangely translated, i have made this snapshot with in-between transform values to show immediately the problem: (dont see where i can put pics inside the forum)


any idea?



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Hello Dears,

I think i am not far from something,

but i still have a problem with the nested foreach that bring the facet to the copy sop,

It is ok when i use only one iteration in this loop, kind of degug way to see it could work ;-)

may be its clearer with pics...


leaving maxiteration as default should work but it copies only the first face on all the template points...


as you can see here with maxiteration at a certain value will copy this face id on all the points, so one is correct...


maybe i should write some expression in this maxiteration attribut? 

i have attached the file if someone wants to see.

Thank you


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I can't look at your file, but I suggest you try the actual subnet. It's much more stable in my experience


Don't forget to have an unique iteration name with each foreach subnet, otherwise it will likely break



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Thank you so much Tomas!

Great solution and much more smart and simple.

i learn a lot looking at your file.



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