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Using SOP attributes in Force DOP

Hi, is there a way to use SOP based (animated) attributes e.g. Cd in POP Force? You could do this in old (Houdini < 13?) popnets. If you open the attached file (Houdini 16 but should open in earlier too), you'll see that i have an animated Cd, which i then bring into dopnet via VOP POP. If i use it there, and modify the force, everything works fine. But if i export it, and then try to use it in POP Force, via @Cd.r, nothing happens.





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Try this. Instead of driving the force by @Cd.r set it to a constant but only have it affect a group. Then place a PopGroup before the force to gather the red points into the group to be affected. The only thing you really lose in this kind of alteration is force being scaled by some greyscale value of red. But in your setup is looks like red is either on or off so a group can work.



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Thank you! Intresting that they don't work directly, but you must use them via expressions.

Need to test both of these...

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