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Save a copy of a file at render/export/cache time

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Hi all,

I have a small question about the best behavior when one wants to keep the track of the source scenes for a specific task/asset. Let's say you want to cache a sim. Usually you will make several versions of it. I think it is important to have the source file for each sim/cache version that is saved at the caching time (maybe in the sim/cache folder). Houdini has a 'post-render script' capabilities but my knowledge of hscript or python is very limited. Any ideas how to do that? 

Thank you!



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I generally only save one version, the current version. You can always fish around in your backup folder to locate another version if needed. I have used the post-render/pre-render  capabilities and they work fine. I'm sure you could dig around and find a line of code in the help that allows you to save your file.

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