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Attributes From Weather Data?

Hi All,

I am working on a planet scene and I wondered if anyone had code that might emulate weather data for cloud generation? Or even a way to fetch some of that vector data from pyro into a material based cloud layer?

The final render would simply be a sphere with a material in Redshift. It could also be a volume if that works as well.

I am not sure where to locate raw weather data or how to link it into Houdini.

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Hi Atom, 

not sure about getting attribute data via code, but googleing "weather data" its sometimes comes up as RGB image, you could place it on a sphere and let the RGB value control the density drop a trail sop and use that as a source. this of course if its coming up as an image. if its raw data, I know that Rohan Davi did a tut on how to get spread sheet data to infuence values in Houdini. that is if your getting the data via spread sheets. 


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