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Fill geo with other geos

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im working on a project, where i need to fill a big object with multiple types of smaller ones, without intersections (i need to simulate it later). my method for now, is to scatter a bunch of points with a points from volume sop, and copy stamp my smaller objects on to them. the problem starts, when i need to use different shaped objects (bricks, tubes and other stuff) to create a randomness. at that point, my objects start to intersect of course. is there a smart way to to this other than doing it by hand? (this is a project for a client so i can not post hip) 

thanks for any help in advance. cheers

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I have seen some bounding box packing algorithms that can achieve such goals, try searching on that term. But there is also the physics based approach where you just drop a bunch of objects into your shape. It may work on jar or cup like shapes better than complex logo shapes.



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