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Using the Beat CHOP

Ok so I've read the documentation http://www.sidefx.com/docs/houdini/nodes/chop/beat 
and this

but was hoping there was a little bit more of an explanation as I haven't been able to make it work
Apparently not the only one

How do you define the keys for listen and tap?

I've manage to figure out how to enable ‘intercept mode’ by using a keyboard with ‘Scroll Lock’ but still confused.

How do you record the ‘taps’? Do you need to play the timeline?

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Excuse the size of the gif, retina displays and gif capture don't mix. Anyway:

-keyboard chop, name first channel 'listen', second 'tap', leave the keys as 1 and 2 if you want

-connect that to a beat chop

-hit scroll lock, see the frame indicator turn orange (I had to use a virtual keyboard, no scrolllock on my mini laptop keyboard)

-hold down 1 to enable listen, tap 2 to set the beat


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Brilliant! Thanks Matt.

So ScrLk to toggle intercept mode, and play plus 'Listen' button before you tap out your beats.

I found it takes a bit of playing around to fully understand the interactions and setting my Listen button to Toggle seems more intuitive.

The Listen button when set to Toggle has 3 modes

1- off

2- (first press) Listen to taps

3- (2nd press) Listen and Repeat (autoplay taps)

And then when in autoplay (3rd mode) hitting your tap key once resets the mode to 1 though this seems to give inconsistent results, ie the ramp period when resetting is always different and arbitrary.

There should be some sort of instant visual feedback to let you know you are in Listen mode!

This should be in the sesi documentation

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